27 Marketing Weapons For Commercial Real Estate Professionals

It’s a jungle out there. You are all surrounded by the enemy vying for the same bounty. The enemy is trying to steal your business or better yet, make sure no new business comes your way. These enemies are disguised as other real estate professionals, the very ones who greet you at conventions with a smile and ask about business. They stand waiting for you to get turned down for business and then swoop down for the kill.

These enemies thrive on competition. These guys are out to get you and get you good. But there is good news – by implementing a dynamic marketing program, you can beat your enemies at their own game! All you need is a solid marketing program consisting of approximately 10 of the Marketing Weapons listed below (part 2 and 3 of the list will appear in the next 2 issues of my newsletter).

Just make yourself a marketing calendar (a marketing calendar is simply a document that lists your marketing weapons and shows when and how often they will be implemented) through the end of the year. Make sure this marketing calendar lists your marketing weapons, the action step(s) required for each one, date(s) when each will happen, as well as a place to record the results. You need to record as you’ll soon learn which weapons work, the ones you’ll keep.

The 27 Marketing Weapons – Part 1:

1. Competitive Advantage: Make sure you have the competitive advantage within your target market. Be professional, referable, and provide outrageously good service. This is a good example of a daily marketing weapon.

2. Have a prospect List: Have a prospect list, keep it updated, and review it daily.

3. Follow-Up: Believe it or not follow-up is a marketing weapon because 90% of commercial real estate professionals stink at it! The best way to make sure your follow-up is working for you is to review your potential deals, deals in progress and deals under contract daily – determine what action steps are needed, make a list and then block out 1 hour of your time when you will not allow yourself to be interrupted and go for it. And, don’t forget all of those things you’ve promised people you would do. There are many other ways to create a follow up system – call me if you’d like to explore this.

4. Get an 800#: This number is easy to get, and you only pay when someone calls you. You can use it for pre-recorded messages. This is an easy way for anyone to contact you, a way to get some business from Canada (it is costly to call Canada and some people therefore don’t), and it gives you a very professional image.

5. Website and Online Presence: This one’s easy. Get a website and make it work for you. Then you can send prospects to your site for more information about you. And, while you’re at it, give away a free report in exchange for capturing their name and email address.

6. Make an Audio CD Interview: This is cool. Go out and buy yourself a digital recorder (I recommend the Olympus DS-2, $149.00 because you can download the recording directly to your computer and make CD’s from there), have a colleague get on a phone call with you and interview you about business. Have a list of questions prepared in advance so there are no surprises. You can then send a CD made from the recording to prospects or better yet, post it on line. This will give a taste for what you’re all about. Be sure to capture the “benefits” a client receives when working with you.

7. Host a breakfast: Send invitations to 6 of your favorite prospects and invite them all out to breakfast. Don’t be concerned with having them all together at the same time, promote this as a way to meet new people and network – even call it a networking breakfast! Before they leave, in addition to thanking each person individually for coming, give something of value (a copy of your favorite book, a gift card to Starbucks, anything). This is a great tool for a monthly or quarterly marketing weapon.

8. Postcards: Start a monthly campaign. It takes 7 to 9 times for a prospect to see your name before they will pick up the phone and call you. Remember, people do business with those they like, know, and trust. This builds trust and makes the prospect feel like they know you.

9. Speak at Conferences: For those who like to speak, this is a great way to quickly gain credibility. Just think of the times when you attend a conference and hear people speak, don’t you automatically view them as an expert? Speak on subjects you are comfortable with, that way it will be effortless.

10. Effective Use of Voicemail: Leave clear, precise and to-the-point voice mail messages. For example, if you have a space you are marketing, state the exact location and request a callback with any interest the prospect may have. Or, if you’re calling to confirm a meeting, state that. This eliminates guesswork and allows the recipient a chance to answer the question in the event that you are unavailable when they call. Also, when leaving your callback number please do not mumble or speak slowly. State the number twice. And finally, note that leaving a precise message increases your odds of a callback.

11. Provide Outrageously Good Client Service: Providing outrageously good client service will make you stand out and memorable. Why? Because most service providers do not! Take the time to create a system for “WOW” client service and then don’t forget to follow it. This one marketing weapon is worth mega dollars. Go out of your way to go the extra mile. The reward will not only be a client for life, but referrals too.

12. Testimonials/Brag Book: You’re probably asking yourself who does this? Exactly the point – you should. Create a Brag Book that consists of testimonials, letters of recommendation, descriptions of deals well done and even a list of deals completed. I can tell you few people have this and most clients love looking at them, and it will make a prospect feel like he or she is working with a pro.

13. Publish a Newsletter: This works, and I am proof! Consistently get good information in front of your target audience. Add value by providing information that would be of interest to your readers. Send it monthly, bi-weekly or even quarterly. For those that don’t know how to do this, I will be offering a free class coming up soon and I will give you the step-by-step process!

14. Host Teleseminars: This idea came to me last week. I realized how cool it would be for you to host a teleseminar (a group call lead by you on a specific topic). For example, 7 Steps Leasing an Industrial Space. Or, Don’t Get Caught in a Bad Location – 5 Strategies for Site Selection.

15. Have a Marketing Calendar: This simply means you map out in the beginning of the year or at the very least on a monthly basis, all marketing action steps you intend to take, the date (s) they will be taken, and the desired result. This can be written in a calendar, made as a spreadsheet or whatever. The point is to plan ahead and then follow through.

16. Post on e-bulletin boards: Although I have never carried out this particular marketing weapon, it is my understanding it can be quite effective. Just Google bulletin boards in your target market and begin answering the questions posted. This will then make you “the expert” (see #9). Prospects who participate in these types of informational exchanges will begin seeking you out – I promise.

17. Write a Free Report: Add value always. Your clients and prospects will profit by receiving a free report from you loaded with useful information. An example is “10 ways to Profit From Purchasing Your Own Building”; or, “7 Strategies to Choosing The Perfect Retail Location”. At the end, add a paragraph on the benefits of using you to assist them in their needs. (Hint: make it all about them.)

18. Be an Expert: This is a no-brainer! Everybody wants to work with an expert. List 10 ways you can become known as an expert in your niche and then start checking each one off as you accomplish it, and before you know it, you will be “the expert!”

19. Ask: We so seldom remember sometimes all that’s needed is to convey our need – more business. Don’t be bashful or shamed because you are asking for business. Ask and you shall receive. If asking catches your tongue, write up a script or two ahead of time and you’ll do fine.

20. Prospect Letters: Have an arsenal of prospecting letters you regularly send out. For example, if you notice a business acquaintance has changed jobs, send him a letter and offer to sit down and share some of your knowledge about his new territory. Or, mail a prospecting letter to your key centers of influence asking for referrals. But remember, if you don’t follow up with a personal phone call the prospecting letter will be less effective.

21. Word of Mouth: Learn how to work into casual conversations that you have just finished working with a couple of key clients and now have room in your schedule for a few more. Even better, spell out who an ideal client is. Let your peers know you’d like additional business and in exchange you will be mindful to send business their way as well when you can (get in the habit of referring).

22. Offer 5 FREE Consultations: By this I mean call up 5 prospects and offer to sit down with them over a cup of coffee and talk about their current and future real estate needs, no strings attached. Give a suggestion or two towards the end and then walk away without asking for business. The key is to follow-up, ask how it’s going and oh by the way, can I be of service to you? This works like magic.

23. Write a Book: Nothing will position you as an expert faster then writing a book – you will have instant celebrity status. If writing isn’t your thing, record it and have your assistant transcribe and edit it.

24. Join a Tips group: Join an existing group such as LeTip (LeTip.com) or BNI (BNI.com) and get ready to have more business. The format of these groups is to have weekly breakfast meetings and share referral possibilities with each other. Better yet, form your own referral group and share clients.

25. Serve on an Association Board: Volunteer your time to associations and organizations that apply to your specialty, for example, ICSC (International Council of Shopping Centers). Offer to head up a committee or help another committee chair. Work your way up to being a board member. This gets you exposure, involvement and expertise.

26. Create a Resource List: Create a listing of valuable resources and share them with your prospects. Executives are so busy these days they will welcome any help you can provide. It will save them hours of research time and they will be grateful to you. It’s easier to give business to someone who has been helpful in the past. Plus, it shows you are resource-rich, always a plus.

27. Lastly, Be Professional: Show up on time, do what you say you’re going to do and do it with excellence.

Email Marketing Solution – 5 Reasons You Need One

Every business needs an email marketing solution. You don’t have one? Perhaps it’s time for you to start evaluating one. These email solution automates a large part of your daily marketing tasks. As such you will have more time to spend on other tasks in your business. Following are 5 strong reasons why you should automate your business with an automatic marketing solution.

5. Automatic eMail Marketing Campaigns

Your marketing solution allows you to create and run email marketing campaigns for your business. You can run promotions for any of your products. You can send offer e-courses to your customers. You can also run different campaigns for your customers and your prospects.

4. Follow-Up AutoResponders

Most reputable email marketing software allows the creation of any number of auto responders, singles or sequential. Such a system enables you to easily prepare professional messages. These messages can then be configured to respond automatically for certain email addresses. You develop your own electronic marketing autoresponder. As such, your businesses have a chance to increase sales by following up with your prospects and responding to their queries automatically.

3. Mass Message Broadcast

The email marketing solution provides you with a way to send out scheduled messages. You can broadcast newsletters and product updates to your subscribers. This can be configured for any number of times, as and when you wish to do so. You basically just set it up once and forget about it. It runs on its own as configured.

2. eMail Delivery Immediate and Guaranteed

A small number of these email solutions guarantee a reliable email delivery service. You are thus, assured that your marketing campaigns will reach its designated mailboxes. Besides the guarantee, these systems provide immediate email replies and form based responses. Within seconds of submitting a form or send an email query, your subscribers receive their replies and responses.

1. Monitor and Tracking

An email campaign solution provides you with the means to monitor and track your marketing performance. You get statistics that monitors all your marketing campaigns. Your sales performance for any specific time period is available for you to view.

The statistics can also be used to tune your campaign. Statistics also shows you how your products are doing in the market. You are able to track everything about your business.

Using Viral Marketing And PPC In Your Online Business

Are you having a tough time escaping the “rat race”? Is corporate America not paying you enough money to live the illustrious life that you want to live? If you answered “yes” to both of these questions, then you should know that the best way that to get out of both of these situations is with a job.

Now I’m sure you’ve probably heard of multiple ways to start your own business. If you’ve decided to start an internet business, and like the idea of affiliate marketing, this is a good avenue to take up. But there are some limitations to affiliate marketing, and before you can sell anything, you need to know how to get tons of people in front of your affiliate site.

To do this, you need website traffic. Website traffic is something that a lot of beginners to internet marketing don’t know how to do. They buy product after product looking for the big “Holy Grail” of traffic generation, without knowing that all you need to do is follow a simple daily marketing regimen.

Now if you stick with the tips in today’s lesson, you should be getting website traffic simply and easily. It’s not hard to do, it just requires patience and persistence. In fact, let’s take a look at the first traffic strategy that you can use to boost your online sales and profits in your business:

1) Viral marketing

There are all kinds of forms of viral marketing. You have the eBook viral marketing strategy, the video viral marketing strategy, and even the “refer a friend” viral marketing strategy. All of these strategies work very well, and you should be using at least one of them in your business today.

The best viral strategy that I like is the free eBook strategy. With this strategy, you can to embed product and affiliate links into your eBook, and earn sales from it whenever someone clicks through and buy from any one of your links. To turn it viral, on the title page of your eBook, tell your reader that they have your permission to distribute your free eBook on their website – and all across the internet. Here’s another traffic strategy that you can do:

2) PPC

PPC or pay per click advertising is a favorite amongst many online marketers. You get traffic quickly and easily, and you can get sales within a matter of hours depending on your advertising budget and cost per click. Typically the higher your cost per click, the more traffic you will get.

The premier PPC company on the internet is Google AdWords. There are many books on this service by Google, and a lot of them have lots of good information in it. When you use AdWords, just make sure that you’re making a profit, or at least breaking even. If you’re just starting out, you have no idea of what the average lifetime value of a customer is. So until you can figure out this number, remain cautious with your PPC advertising campaign.

Both of these traffic strategies are excellent for getting you more sales and profits on a daily basis. The more you work on both of them, the more traffic you will stand to get, and the more opt-in subscribers you will get… which will then result in sales. So use these techniques today.

Good luck with using these tips in your online business today.